Our Army and Navy Ballet – Playing cards

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Step back into the world of the Victorian music hall with these delightful playing cards!

In 1889, London’s Alhambra Theatre premièred Our Army and Navy, one of its most spectacular ballet productions. The cast of superbly drilled Alhambra dancers conjured a hugely successful military panorama, complete with balleticised marches, shapely flag bearers representing the major powers, and a cast resplendent in saucy uniforms.

Our Army and Navy ran for nearly a year and featured dances choreographed by Eugenio Casati to music by German-born composer Georges Jacobi. The costumes, including this one, were designed by Lucien Besche. This pack of playing cards features the charming ‘America’ leisurely posed for your enjoyment.

These playing cards are a perfect gift for ballet dads and ballet uncles—and big sisters who say you take ballet far too seriously! These easy-to-shuffle, durable semi-gloss cards are made with patented casino quality paper and can be customised to show your preferred playing face.

52 playing cards and 2 Jokers per deck. Comes with standard Bicycle cardboard case. Made in Kansas City, Kansas.