The Ballet Called Giselle

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The story of a simple peasant girl that’s melted millions of hearts

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What was the significance of Hilarion’s red beard?
Which ballerina first created the role of Giselle?

Welcome to Cyril Beaumont’s definitive guide to Giselle, first published in 1944 and now back in print! Here you’ll find everything you wanted to know about the history of this world famous ballet, from notes on the ballet’s first costumes to analyses of the setting and characters.

Written for ballet-goers, teachers, dancers and students, Beaumont’s classic text includes:

  • a chapter on the origin and conception of Giselle
  • a short biography of the ballet’s choreographer Jules Perrot
  • an English translation of the synopsis used for original 1841 production.
  • a short account of the life and music of composer Adolphe Adam
  • a brief survey of the first 100 years of the ballet, including its presentation in Russia

Those familiar with the technical vocabulary of ballet will also appreciate Beaumont’s inclusion of a simplified choreographic script.

Did you know that Giselle once included Indian and Oriental dances?  Buy the book … and discover if we’re telling the truth!

A companion volume for Swan Lake is also available.

Dance Books, 1944 (republished 1996). Paperback, 148 pages.