The Cage

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Dancing for Jerome Robbins and George Balanchine, 1949-1954

The Cage is the startling memoir of Barbara Bocher, once 14-year-old baby ballerina of George Balanchine’s New York City Ballet. Co-authored with Adam Darius, this explosive book recounts Bocher’s meteoric career, working with some of the great cultural icons of the twentieth century, but mentally and physically tormented for years by the dancing king of Broadway, West Side Story choreographer Jerome Robbins.

Now, Barbara Bocher reveals her story, contributing a very personal perspective to the many accounts of Robbins and Balanchine. Her autobiography will be compelling reading for those intrigued by the fraught interpersonal relationships and pernicious acts often associated (rightly or wrongly) with the culture of major ballet companies in the twentieth century.

This controversial book has been described as ‘amazing’ and an ‘unquestionable must-read’, as well as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘tedious’. Reviews on Amazon have pointed out that this book contains some factual errors, but you might like to nab a copy and make up your own mind!

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012. Paperback and Ebook, 288 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1478246589