The Tragedy of Nijinsky

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Superstar, groundbreaking choreographer and asylum inmate, Vaslav Nijinsky was the most famous male dancer of the early 20th century and his career continues to fascinate dancers and dance followers.

In this book, Anatole Bourman┬átells the part of Nijinsky’s story which other biographers have left untold – the story of his youthful ambitions and defeats, his brilliant rise to fame, his exploits with other students, and the almost incredible ill fortune which followed Nijinsky from the first.

Bourman entered the Russian Imperial Ballet School at the same time as Nijinsky and became one of his closest friends. He followed Nijinsky’s development and career for many years, first as a member of the Imperial Ballet, and later as fellow dancer in Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. Here, Bourman has the chance to give his interpretation of Nijinsky’s later career, which differs from the stories others have told.

Noverre Press (Dance Books), 1937, reissued 2010. Paperback, 344 pages.