Toolkit for Working with People who Hoard


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What has compulsive hoarding got to do with ballet? Frankly, not much (unless anyone knows a pointe shoe hoarder out there). However, it just so happens that Vintage Pointe is co-located with The Sophics, publisher of this hoarding resource booklet. Social workers and human service professionals: please order the Toolkit via Vintage Pointe.

By Jennifer Lehmann, Janelle Nancarrow and Kelli Molloy

Hoarding encompasses a complex set of behaviours that involve aspects of mental and physical wellbeing. It can vary in severity and form, and often leads to the development of squalid conditions which may affect the health of the client, intervention workers and dependents.

This Toolkit provides sound guidance for professional staff in housing, aged care, mental health, advocacy and rights, and family services, who may come into contact with clients who hoard. Drawing on established studies and the latest research, this concise and practical publication outlines the essential principles that should guide intervention.

The Toolkit explores risk factors and ethical issues, and provides basic strategies, information about assessment tools and a guide to additional resources. While developed specifically for social workers and other human service professionals, it also contains information that may be useful for family members and friends supporting a person with hoarding issues.

The Sophics, 2012. Paperback, 16 pages. ISBN: 978 098750990 1